SolarTurtle’s vision and objectives as a company are to promote the empowerment of women and youth, as women by nature are nurturers of a nation. We focus on youth as they hold the future of our country in their hands. By empowering women and youth to run businesses, we are equipping them with the tools and experience to become aspiring social green entrepreneurs. Of course we won’t turn away an aspiring entrepreneur. Anyone who wants to become a green entrepreneur will be helped where possible.
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SolarTurtle was founded by James van der Walt who envisioned making renewable energy accessible to everyone in order to make a lasting, positive impact on less-privileged communities. SolarTurtle was a company born as a result of his Masters Degree research project (CRSES Stellenbosch University) in 2012, and has since expanded to what it is today.

Charlene Barnes was an integral part of the SolarTurtle journey and inception and was inspired by James’ passion and cause. As a co-founder, she supported James in his research, the creation of SolarTurtle and the operational and design aspects thereof.

SolarTurtle launched and deployed it first container Hub in 2015 in Eastern Cape. SolarTurtle approached the community to find its first entrepreneur to run the container Hub and that led to the introduction of Lungelwa Tyali. She started as the first SolarTurtle entrepreneur and later became part of the SolarTurtle team due to her enthusiasm for the cause. Refer to the about page for more details on the SolarTurtle team members.

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The software package is made up of the POS Portal and Management Portal software which is designed to work in unison with each other.

The POS Portal is an android application and will only work on android devices with Nougat or higher. When a customer rents or purchases the software, they will also get an entry level android phone to run the software, unless otherwise requested.

The Management Portal is a web based application which can be accessed by any device with stable internet access and a browser.

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A request can be sent through to info@solarturtle.co.za. Alternatively you can contact us on 043 555 0860 to request a quote based on your specific needs?

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SolarTurtle’s product range includes the SolarHubs, SolarMinis, SolarTrolleys, Spark Kiosks as well as our software – The POS Portal and the Management Portal. Refer to the products tab for further information.

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Yes, should you enter into a rental contract with SolarTurtle, any restorative or preventative maintenance/ repairs will be covered by SolarTurtle. Should you enter into a purchase agreement, SolarTurtle can advise on the repairs needed, as well as refer you to approved suppliers. It must also be noted that our panels, batteries and inverters all come with a standard manufacturer guarantee/warranty.

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Due to the nature of our products and their mobility, no on-site infrastructure is required, as they are a true drop-and-go product.

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All of our products undergo rigorous testing prior to deployment and are manufactured by certified suppliers who comply with the following quality standards: • ISO 9001 (2015)– Quality Standards • SANS 45001:2018 • SANS 01042 Part 1 and 2 • ARP 062-9-6:2009 • SANS 61427:2005 • SANS OHSAS 18001:2011 • SANS 61427-1:2013 • SANS 1981:2015 • SANS 1982:2015 • SANS 1046:1990 • SANS 20004:2012 • SANS 20054:2007 • NRS 052-2-4:1999 • NRS 052-2-2:1999 • NRS 052-2-3:1999 Furthermore, our solar systems all come with a standard manufacturer guarantee/warranty.

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Yes, our products are all recyclable. Should you need to recycle any old batteries, printer cartridges, electronics or in the unlikely event – any solar panels (solar panels generally have a lifespan of approximately 20 years), these can be sent to SolarTurtle for recycling. Alternatively, we can recommend local battery and solar cell recycling companies in your area.

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Yes, all of our products are customisable dependent on your needs, ranging from interior designs and the size of the solar system you require to name a few.

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SolarTurtle will offer various options in terms of purchase or rental agreements, including flexible or extended repayment periods depending on your affordability criteria. SolarTurtle will develop customised business cases for potential clients and assist in sourcing the required funding with regards to the start-up capital required to purchase or rent our products. Furthermore, we will educate and advise on the various funding options available through either grant funding, debt finance, bank finance, angel investors etc, along with the benefits or drawbacks with regard to each option.Lastly, we will assist with the facilitation of the application completion and submission process.

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