SolarTurtle Sparks

The SolarTurtle Sparks are unique mobile solar kiosks designed and developed for traders. The Spark kiosk range comes standard with an inbuilt solar system to enable traders to offer energy solutions on-the-go. In addition it also enable trader to offer services suchs device charging and WiFi hotspot services, in addition to their normal trading items and power bank sales. The Sparks are ideal for informal traders, food vendors and aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to trade at markets, festivals and events.
Note: This is the standard features and layout. And traders can adapt, utlize and cutomize to there buisness needs

The Spark range comes in 3 different sizes:
1) SparkCase : This is the smallest of the units in the form of an easy to carry solar backpack for on-the-move traders wanting to WiFi hotspot services on-the-go.
2) SparkBike : This unit can be pulled, pushed or cycled (via easy connection to bicycle) to a trading.
3) SparkCart : This is the largest of the kiosks in the range and is a solarised vehicle trailer unit. It's easy to transport plug and play energy system allows you to trade at any sunny location.

Traders also have the option to sign up to our Software Managment System - See the SolarTurtle Software for further information.

SparkCase hotspot backpack
SparkBike equipped with trading stock
SparkCart trader
SparkCase hotspot backpack

This mobile backpack is ideal for a trader wanting to offer Wi-Fi services to customers’ on-the-go at taxi ranks, busy markets or trading areas.

The SparkCase primarily offers the following services:

  • Power bank sales and distribution
  • Wi-Fi hotspot services
  • Small stock selection of the vendor’s choice.

System specifications:

  • 0.06kW Solar backpack panel 
  • DC 17W 8.8Ah UPS 

Optional Extras:

Dimensions: 53cm (H) x 22cm (W) x 35cm (L)

SparkBike mobile solar energy kiosk

The SparkBike is designed to connect to a bicycle which can be cycled to a trading location. This unit can also be pulled or pushed should the vendor prefer walking to cycling.

The SparkBike primarily offers the following services:

  • Power bank sales and distribution
  • ICT device charging services
  • Wi-Fi hotspot services
  • Medium stock selection of the vendor’s choice.

Note: This unit can accommodate a small 12V drinks cooler as an optional extra.

System specifications:

  • Aluminum or fiberglass structure options available
  • 220W Solar panel system (2x 110W)
  • 2 x 12Ah Back up batteries
  • 2 x solar charge controllers
  • LTE Wi-Fi single SIM router
  • 2x 7 port USB charging hubs

Optional Extras:

  • 12v Drinks cooler (capacity : 7.5 liters)
  • SolarTurtle Software
  • Flash terminal (prepaid airtime & electricity)

Dimensions:  99cm (H) x 70cm (W) x 110cm (L)

SparkCart trader

The SparkCart is designed as a solarised food vending or spaza shop on-the-go which is ideal not only for festival and event traders, but also ambitious entrepreneurs. 

The SparkCart primarily offers the following services:

  • Power bank sales and distribution
  • ICT device charging services
  • Wi-Fi hotspot services
  • Stock & food selection of the vendor’s choice
  • Printing and scanning services
  • Food preparation through gas grillers / hotplates

Note: This unit can be custom designed to cater for specific trading needs upon request.

System specifications:

  • Aluminum structure (fiberglass unit also available on request)
  • 2kW Solar system (6x 320W panels)
  • 1kWh Backup battery
  • 2kW Axpert inverter
  • 2x 10 Port USB hubs
  • Custom built ICT charging station
  • Solar electrical wiring and plug points
  • Interior and exterior LED lights
  • Internal storage / shelving
  • Gas hotplate (2x hotplates)
  • Prep bowl
  • 25liter Water container
  • 9kg Gas bottle
  • Energy efficient adjustable fridge/freezer
  • Serving hatch fitted with security bars
  • eNatis registration
  • Spare wheel
  • Fire extinguisher

Optional Extras:


**In East London (Eastern Cape) area only and subject to availability**

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