SolarTurtle Hub

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Our SolarTurtle Hub (manual fold-away system version) was the winner of the WWF Climate Solver Accolade in 2014.

The SolarTurtle Hub is a versatile energy Hub which is easy to deploy to any location. This customizable Hub is ideal for customers requiring to power their offices, shops, clinics, or evens looking to run an micro-utility.

Our SolarTurtle Hub is available in both a standard roof mounted system or in a secure design (manual or auto fold-away system).


  • No on-site infrastructure required.
  • A standard shipping container (6m or 12m).
  • 3-7 kW solar PV.
  • Interior is custom designed to suite your business needs.
  • Optional secure foldaway options for high risk areas.
  • Low maintenance and skills needed to operate the system.

The SolarTurtle Hub can be used to offer charging facilities for devices, set up as an internet hotspot, a rural bank, or any other idea that needs power in remote areas.