SolarTurtle Software

SolarTurtle has its own kiosk management software package which can be used with all our products to assist with entrepreneurs daily business management.

The software package is made up of two systems namely:

  • POS Portal : Android point-of-sale application. Used to aid vendors log sales transaction and to do daily stock take and cash-up.
  • Management Portal : Web based application which links to the POS Portal and enables the easy management of a SolarTurtle kiosk fleet. Used to aid in stock management and allocation to kiosks, access to reports amongst others.

The software also has e-learning models linked to it which can be accessed by the POS Portal give trader access to the manual modules and can be customized to your upskill needs.

The POS Portal has all the following features to assist with daily trading:

  • Stocktaking
  • Cash-up
  • Sales transaction logging (of all stock and services)
  • View sales targets
  • Access to e-learning modules

While the POS Portal is primarily a point-of-sale the Management Portal is there for the kiosk managers to assist and support the POS Portal and its traders.

The Management Portal has following features:

  • Allocate stock to Storeroom
  • Allocate stock from storeroom to various kiosks
  • Allocate vendors to a kiosk
  • Create and manage stock items
  • Create and manage services items (Wi-Fi vouchers, printing services, charging services etc.)
  • Manage vendor details
  • Trading reports
POS Portal main screen
POS Portal navigation menu
Shopping cart to process customer sales transactions

POS Portal main screen.

This screen given trader access to all the POS Portal sales transaction processing quick access shortcuts and to the navigation menu.

POS Portal navigation menu giving trader access to all features such as daily stocktaking, cash-up and sales transaction report.

POS Portal general sales transaction selection screen which can be accessed by the main screen shortcuts. Allowing vendor to select and stock / service item in order to process customer sale.

Management Portal main screen
Management Portal allocation screen
Management Portal Report example

Management Portal main screen and tool bar

Management Portal stock allocation screen. Allowing managers to move / allocate stock items to and from Storeroom to selected kiosk.

Management Portal allows managers to access various kiosk trading reports.