Business Insiders Top SA Inventions of the decade

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It was a busy and exciting year for SolarTurtle, and we were very privileged to be listed on Business Insiders top inventions list of the past decade in South Africa.
WOW, so many wonderful and interesting inventions have come from South Africa. We truly have a wealth of talented and skilled people and together we can make a change in the world.
We are proud and excited to see Wonderbag also featured in the article. Wonderbag is an amazing energy savings product and SolarTurtle proudly endorses them, and have been distributing their products in rural communities.

The SolarTurtle Hub featured in the article was invented and developed by SolarTurtle as an automated version of our original manual energy hub. The SolarTurtle Hubs are secure container based energy hubs that can be quickly and easily setup at any off the grid location.
The customizable interior allows it to be utilized any number of ways to meet its users needs, such as a portable office, community clinic, rural kiosk or even an emergency relief center. The solar system can be built to be independent or grid tied and the standard system size is between 3-7 kW solar PV.

The SolarTurtle automated Hub featured in this article is currently located in Delft, Cape Town by the Home of Compassion Community Center. Here it feeds into the center as a grid tied solar energy hub, supplying energy and reducing costs.

We are privileged to be recognized and strive to continue making a green brighter future for all.

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