Drop-and-go solar containers  

  • Office space – quiet and secure,  own or rent
  • Clinics – with reliable electricity all year round with security built in
  • Telecoms – perfect for rural deployment where security is needed
  • Factory / Construction – just drop the container and you are operational
  • Events – where you need quiet electrified space to operate from
  • Agriculture – water pumping, cold storage unit, power for tools, aquaponics etc.
  • Disaster recover – You can airlift our containers where you need it and have a base of operations

You can buy or lease our secure solar containers.

Turtle transports anywhere you need it

Solar panels unlocks swing open in minutes

A standard Turtle is 4kW – ideal for running company operations


See our next generation SolarTurtle that folds-away by the press of a button. It includes sun-tracking, automatic deploy settings, in addition to wind and vibration sensors for pre-emptive folding away of the solar panels. With the new AutoTurtle we take our Drop-n-Go solar containers to the next level.

We won the 2017 SA innovation Summit Innovation Awards and are in the finals for the 2017 SAB Social Innovation competition for this ground breaking design.